Zu, sometimes called Zu the Mongrel, sometimes called Zu the Chimera, is one of the best — arguably the best — martial artists on the continent of Chalcedon, and thereby the world. He is the greatest living master of the Chimera Fist, having achieved proficiency with each of the sixty-four animal schools it contains. He has traveled from monastery to monastery, from school to school, always restless. He was never able to find a place that would both fully welcome him and provide him with steady opportunities to improve himself. Ultimately that place would not exist for him in the martial world alone. It revealed itself to him only when his name appeared on the Tablets of Courage. Now as one of the 108 Tiger Generals, Zu is one of the most famous front-line fighters against foes to the realm.


Like many Kin, Zu has an intuitive grasp of beast style martial arts. The difference is that he understands them all, from snake to tiger to shark, and has internalized an astounding number of strikes and maneuvers. He has massive reserves of spiritual power, which fuel his martial arts to the utmost paragon level. Zu has been known to tear open gehennium plating with his bare hands, to leap aboard a passing skyship from the top of a tree, and to single-handedly defeat knaves as powerful as Ironskull and Atlas Earthshaker. His senses are refined, and his willpower is very strong. He is still mortal, though, and even a master of the Chimera Fist is not invincible.


Zu is a Kin of average height, in peak physical condition. His mixed heritage is immediately obvious: spots and patches of brindling or stripes cross his body; his ears are two different shapes; one eye is yellow and the other brown. His lack of any true Kinship has a tendency to disconcert other Kin, who find it difficult to predict his instincts. He usually wears a simple black and white tunic and pants. Zu carries himself with quiet calm, though his personality seems to shift to some degree when he changes sub-schools. He is more aggressive when using Tiger style, for instance, as that style rewards aggression, but will slip into a more calculating demeanor as he shifts to using Spider style maneuvers.


Tiger Generals (member)
The Invincible Left Hand (enemy)


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