The various Tiger Generals turn heads in a crowd, but Thorbjorn particularly so. Few expect an actual storm bear to wear the White Star of Courage. Thorbjorn is not an avid conversationalist, so much of his background is open to speculation. It is generally assumed that his parents received a blessing from one of the storm gods or functionaries of Heaven, granting him his intellect and power. The most popular theory is that he derives his power from the Tiger Heir himself, an ancestor having assisted the White Tiger during one of his amnesiac reincarnations.


Thorbjorn has the strength, resilience, acute senses and elemental attunement typical to a large, athletic storm bear. He is also rather intelligent by most people’s standards, able to speak and read the tongue of the realm, and with a good memory. He is imbued with a measure of the storm’s power, which he can channel to call on immense stamina, deliver paw-strikes with the force of thunderbolts, and even manipulate the wind and temperature around him in small ways.


Thorbjorn is a large, powerful storm bear with a healthy cloud-gray coat and a keen gaze. He wears elaborately worked metal armor when dispatched on formal Tiger General business. He rarely speaks, and his voice is deep and guttural.


Tiger Generals (member)
Winterwarg (close ally)


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