Bouda Khan

One of the most veteran Tiger Generals, Bouda Khan has worn the white star for twenty-five years, and has been fighting for the good of her people even longer. She was a strong warrior even from her childhood. When she came of age, she challenged a minor god to three contests — wrestling, running and eating — and won two out of three. Impressed, he granted her an “appetite” for greatness, which manifested as a power that allowed her to rise to paragon champion, and eventually queen of her large clan of Kin.


The Hyena Khan is a power vampire, able to feed on the strength and prowess of others. The stronger her foe, the more she can take for herself — for a time. She is primarily skilled at borrowing physical strength, speed and durability. She has fed on more esoteric powers such as fire control, but her duplication of those abilities invariably comes with dangerous side effects. She has even passed on a measure of power to her daughters, via “feeding” while pregnant with each.

After years of using her skills, she is now strong, fast and durable beyond the normal mortal limits, even when “hungry.” She is a disciplined pugilist and grappler to boot, among the stronger Tiger Generals before feeding on an enemy’s strength and among the strongest afterwards.


Bouda Khan is a powerful, athletic hyena-Kin woman standing well above six feet. She wears a leather breastplate and metal wristbands, and has a number of braids in her dark mane. During formal affairs she usually dresses in the regalia of a clan chieftain. She carries herself with the raw confidence of a warrior, khan, Tiger General and mother who is used to getting her way. Her star is at the base of her throat.


Tiger Generals (member)
Gaira, eldest daughter, superstrong
Tisa, middle daughter, power sapper
Lecta, youngest daughter, shifter
Kiba, son, unpowered

Bouda Khan

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