Grandmother Blight

Locasta Grue, more widely known as Grandmother Blight, is a singular force of chaos and corruption. The insectoid hive-witch is not part of any known species — too humanoid to be related to the Coleoth or Atropos, too inhumanoid to be a Spinner or Vespa. Various folktales speak of an old witch who underwent an insectile metamorphosis in order to extend her life. But whether that witch was Kin, human, or even anything humanoid in the first place, none can say. What’s known is that Grandmother Blight is a conqueror bent on reshaping some part of Chalcedon in her own image. Her Walking Hive, a semi-living fortress the size of a small mountain, casts a long shadow over the land. She brews minions and binds thralls in her various cauldrons, and plots to someday hold the continent in her chitinous claw.


The insectoid metamorphosis has granted Locasta Grue a variety of unusual abilities, from unusual strength and chitinous durability to peculiar senses and great longevity. She practices a form of hive magic, summoning insectoid conjurations to attack or blight her foes. One of her more sinister abilities is to control the minds of her prey using cicada-like bugs; she also can see and speak through her spy-flies. When greatly threatened, she is able to teleport away, molting out of her carapace — this leaves her softer and more vulnerable until she hardens once more, which takes about a month. With the aid of her cauldrons, she can create homunculi or transform captives into more insectoid forms, such as her loyal Pupa Soldiers.


From a distance, Grandmother Blight might appear to be a hunched humanoid in a hooded cloak and ragged dress. Up close, her locust-like face and chitinous exoskeleton are very evident. She has manifested wings before, and tends to lean on a long staff — more to have another artifact close at hand than to support her weight, for the witch is far from frail.


Maggot Men (homunculus minions)
Pupa Soldiers (converted thralls)
Webworm (lackey)

Grandmother Blight

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