Xanthus Quicktemper

Xanthus Quicktemper’s skill at alchemy has few rivals on Chalcedon. Unfortunately, his arrogance also has few rivals. He was formerly a master alchemist in good standing with the Nexus Pact, until an unfortunate laboratory accident robbed him of his right arm. Greatly embittered but undeterred, he completed his work to fashion a potent philosopher’s stone, then implanted it in the stump of his right shoulder. Now with an arm of living metal and a master talent for alchemy, he seeks to avenge old grudges and claim prestige and power.


The philosopher’s stone implanted in his shoulder allows Xanthus to command an arm of living metal, which can take any form he chooses. It can even change the metal’s nature, from gold to silver to iron to even gehennium as he desires. While this arm provides him with no small measure of defense (being able to form itself into a shield or weapon at will), his truly dangerous asset is his alchemical mastery. At any time he is likely in possession of a wide variety of alchemical concoctions, from weaponized tinctures to physiological transmutations.


Xanthus is a human in early middle age with sharp features. His right arm is fashioned of metal, though its hue and form varies. He typically carries a satchel, bandolier and/or potion belt with his latest assortment of concoctions. He appears to be (and usually is) in a perpetually foul mood.


Ebonflow (creation)
Hannibal Plunder (sometime associate)
Iron Head Drang (frequent minion)
Nexus Pact (vendetta target)

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Xanthus Quicktemper

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