Technology and Tools

The Four Continents have access to vaguely European Renaissance-level technology. But tech alone is not quite the great leveller. It can make an ordinary person dangerous, but without the use of magic or alchemy to augment it, it doesn’t make an ordinary person into a paragon. Gunpowder does exist, but there are no mass-produced personal firearms that are reliable and safe to use. It is mostly used in fireworks, explosive devices or cannons.

Machines, engines and other devices do exist, though the internal combustion engine is not known. Most of these works, such as golem engines or skyships, run off magical power sources.

Notable Weapons

  • The average blastwand is a metallic rod about three or four feet long, with a gem or crystal at one tip. It emits a blast of unshaped magical energy, enough to badly injure or kill an ordinary person.
  • Stormrune Weapons are marked with runes that allow them to store and discharge electricity, hurling thunderbolts. Stormrune tridents are an especially popular design.
  • Resembling flintlocks, witchlocks are guns that have been enchanted to fire bolts of magically enhanced shot. Witchlocks usually fire a pale green, with a sweet-smelling smoke.

Notable Materials

  • Gehennium is a brazen material that comes from the forges of Gehennon, the Pandaemonic realm of Lord Mulciber. It is very fire-resistant, naturally strong, and can serve as an excellent conductor.
  • Starsilver is a light, durable material gathered from certain meteors. Fallen Avalon had more than its share of starsilver. It makes fine weapons or prostheses.
  • Some crystals gather energy of one sort or another naturally, soaking it up like sponges. When properly prepared with lapidary magic, they can release that energy, even shaping it into solid constructs. Heliocyte is a golden gem that absorbs and shapes sunlight; lunacyte is a pale silvery gem that does the same for moonlight. The almost black umbracyte is very difficult to work, but can absorb and manipulate darkness.

Technology and Tools

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