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Races of Chalcedon

  • Atropos: Necromantic half-undead spider-creatures.
  • Bayard: Intelligent, telepathic horses whose existence is a secret.
  • Bright Folk: The exiled fae of Fallen Avalon.
  • Carcharons: Shark-people of the seas.
  • Coleoth: The varied beetle-peoples.
  • Deep Folk: Dwellers at the ocean floor; highly physically variable.
  • Djinn: One part mortal, one part air elemental.
  • Euryale: The veiled, all-female desert riders with snaky hair and brazen talons.
  • Gnomes: Creatures of living rock and stone.
  • Hanumen: The monkey/ape people, courageous but not always common-sense.
  • Hawkmen: The winged folk.
  • Humans: The mortal race of a hundred different potentials.
  • Jotuns: The massive “giants” of the North.
  • Kin: The multitudinous tribes of animal-blooded people.
  • Kobolds: Small dog- and fox-peoples.
  • Minotaurs: Massive bull-people.
  • Pelagians: Scaled and finned aquatic race of humanoids.
  • Rajara: Tiger-people of Chalcedon.
  • Reef Folk: The fish-tailed merfolk of the shallow seas.
  • Saggitarians: The half-equine centaurs of the plains.
  • Scaled Folk: Varied reptile-peoples.
  • Spartoi: A ceramic-skinned race of living part-constructs.
  • Spinners: The six-armed spider-folk of the Skein.
  • Vesper: The bat-people of the mountains and forests.

Races of Other Continents

  • Ifrit: The fire-people of the City of Brass.
  • Myrmidons: Four-armed warrior race, divided into Black and Red.
  • Pridefolk: Lion-people of the savannah.


  • Magoth: Various barbarian tribes from the Dark Half.
  • Teind: Those Bright Folk who remained in Fallen Avalon and became part Pandaemonic.
  • Vampires: Blood-sucking undead derived from living races.


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