There are several otherworlds known to the realm. The most hostile of these is Pandaemonium, a hellish-seeming dimension populated by a warlike and very diverse people. The Pandaemonics range from looking mostly human, save for horns or a tail or hooves, to bestial forms with animal-like heads, massive bodies, powerful wings and lashing tails. Though not quite as wicked as the elemental Terrors of Erebus, the Pandaemonics are generally driven to serve their Overlords in the cause of conquest, with the most ruthless rising highest in their ranks. The more peaceful Pandaemonics either remain in their home dimension, or in a few rare cases, break ranks and defect.

Three of the five Overlords have made regular forays against Chalcedon; the other two seem more concerned with the other continents.

Overlord Heladonna, the Overlord of the Grave

Dominion: Vestygia

Overlord Heladonna is the Pandaemonic queen of the undead. She focuses her attentions on undead paragons, attempting to bring them into her armies. She also has great necromantic power at her disposal — she has resurrected many fallen paragons to make them new soldiers in her armies. The presence of her heralds, the Helkyries, is clear local evidence that Heladonna is attempting to expand her power base.


Overlord Ragnaroth, the Overlord of the Battlefield

Dominion: Mageddon

The wildest and most physical of the Overlords, Ragnaroth seeks to bring the realm under his control by pure strength. He has attempted to conquer Chalcedon more times than any other Overlord has. At his behest, his forces have sparked several large-scale battles where the strongest of his champions have been defeated only by a gathering of Tiger Generals. Somewhat prone to sulking when defeated, Ragnaroth now strikes when he has a particularly clever plan, or when the Conquering Sword has opened a promising path for him.


  • Rarzath, the Invincible Champion
  • Velocilith, the Infernal Wind, commander of the Burning Blitzkrieg

The Heralds of Ragnaroth

  • Ascoroth, the Iron Scorpion, Herald of Fury
  • Barbezuz, the Brass Locust, Herald of Hunger
  • Vezekubuz, the Silver Wasp, Herald of Venom
  • Zecati, the Adamantis, Herald of Oblivion

Overlord Mulciber, the Overlord of the Forge

Dominion: Gehennon

A calm and calculating Overlord, Mulciber is the master of Pandaemonic engineering. He has devised a wide variety of vehicles, siege engines and weapons that increase the power of his armies. Several of his officers have augmented their bodies with gehennium prostheses or implants. Many of Mulciber’s agents in the realm, including the Golden Forge organization, win loyalty by promising grand arms from the foundries of Gehennon.


  • Baalona, daughter of the Overlord, Warrior-Princess of Gehennon
  • Baphomoch, General of the Land, Commander of the Onslaught
  • Dajon, General of the Sea, Admiral of the Deep Claws
  • Pazuum, General of the Sky, Commander of the Brimstone Wing


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