Jin Woo, the Powder King

Jin Woo came to the brigand lifestyle through heredity. His father was an acclaimed bandit king, one who used smoke powder in clever fashion to pull off daring raids. Jin grew up in bandit camps, and was playing with his father’s supplies from an early age. When his father was caught and wound up the in Iron Pinnacle, Jin took over the band’s banner. It prospered even further under his leadership. Now the Powder King is a leading personality among the Brotherhood of Brigands, well-liked by most of his fellows and near-worshipped by his men.


The self-proclaimed Powder King is an exceptional athlete, and talented in alchemy and engineering. He is a master at creating and deploying explosives, from the battery of grenades he tends to carry on his person to the specialized charges he uses to pop open vaults and create avalanches.


Jin Woo is an athletic Hanuman in his mid-20s, usually smelling of smoke and powder. He tends to wear a red headcloth and carry a lit taper in his mouth. At any time he may have a dozen or more grenades carried openly or concealed on his person. His band’s banner depicts a grinning skull wearing a headcloth in front of an exploding cloud.


Brotherhood of Brigands

Jin Woo, the Powder King

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