The gods of Heaven are virtually numberless. Few can even come close to claiming omnipotence; the Jade Empress of Heaven is probably the strongest of all, and even she has her limitations. One part Celestial Bureaucracy and one part tangled mess of animism, the hierarchy of the gods is a complicated thing.

Gods do tend to meddle in the affairs of mortals, though mostly they need to be invoked. Some gods strike pacts with their particularly faithful; others operate through the intercession of divine beasts. The smaller the god, the more likely it can get away with a little meddling. Of course, the smallest gods are also at the most risk should they earn the displeasure of Heaven.

The following is not a catalog of gods in the world, merely a few names that people are likely to know.

Officers of Heaven

  • The Jade Empress

Elemental Gods

  • The Four Winds

Gods of the Underworld

  • Ishkatal


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