The capital of Chalcedon and home of the Diamond Throne reflects the Tiger Heir’s role as a force of air, wind and storm. Diamond sits astride four huge mesas, one at each of the cardinal points. A large ward of the city rests atop each of these immense pillars of stone, connected by many bridges. Buildings cling to the side of the cliffs and the underside of the largest bridges, as well as covering the mesa-tops. A good portion of the columns has been excavated, and cavernous underground markets see their greatest business when the weather has turned stormy. Visitors who have trouble with heights may be very cautious about crossing the numerous bridges, but the locals are very used to their city’s lofty state. A portion of the Diamond constabulary uses elemental sky-chariots to maneuver through the city, as well as to perform the occasional timely rescue when someone is a little too incautious and falls from a bridge.

Sites in Diamond:

The Tiger Palace: The home of the Tiger Heir is a sprawling structure with many courts and gardens open to the sky. It occupies a portion of the largest mesa, the Western Pillar. The Diamond Throne sits in a roofless court lined with many carved pillars. A cavern beneath the palace, where the winds enter through hidden passages, guards the Tablets of Courage. The worked cave’s walls are hung with the emblems of the current 108 Tiger Generals, and many surrounding rooms memorialize the emblems of those Tiger Generals who have gone before.

The Trophy Room: There are many, many bars, teahouses and wine shops in Diamond, but the Trophy Room stands out by catering to a largely paragon clientele. The proprietress, Lady Lush, is a minor deity of the vine who creates remarkable varieties of alcohol to serve her patrons. She is also the main enforcer should things get out of hand. A drunken paragon causing trouble is swiftly visited with her Gift of a Thousand Hangovers, which reliably takes the fight out of anything capable of getting drunk in the first place.


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