The world of the Four Continents (technically five, but the Dark Half makes things less symmetrical) is highly magical. It also has frequent contact with Heaven, as well as the elemental gods who are frequently incarnated more into the land.

The Threefold World

There are three major cosmological “layers” to the world:

  • The Physical World: Or “earth,” as in “heaven and earth.” Where most characters live and keep their stuff. The earth is hollow, and the lower reaches are home to the elemental Terrors, among other things.
  • Heaven: Realm of most of the gods, ruled over by the Jade Empress. The particularly virtuous may be elevated to a position here. The four Guardian Monarchs are beasts of Heaven, sent to shepherd and guide the mortal races.
  • The Underworld: Gloomy realm of death, where most spirits travel. Not quite the place of eternal punishment overall (though there are plenty of accounts of specialized sections of torment to honor the very, very bad). Also contains Elysian realms of peace and rest, of which little is known because those who attain them never return.

Other Worlds

There are of course other worlds, some of which seem unconnected to Heaven or the Underworld. Fallen Avalon is one such; Pandaemonium is another. It seems likely there are more.


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