The grand southern continent of Cinnabria is home to the Red Phoenix Majestrix, an elegant beast of Heaven who embodies the guiding hand to the realm. She is vain, but also kind, as befitting the Guardian of Compassion. Her 108 star-marked champions are the Cardinals, chosen by the Tablets of Compassion to defend, shape, heal and nourish the realm.

Cinnabria is the most beautiful of the realms. Its wild forests and glimmering mountains match the beauty of its elegant gardens and colorful cities. More sorcerers and wielders of enchanted objects come from Cinnabria than from the other realms; magic is an Art here, and widely respected. Their prisons treat inmates with more compassion and less severity overall, so jailbreaks are a little more frequent — but villains who reform and become heroes are more frequent as well.


- Ruby, the capital
- Carnelian, wealthy city with strong gem trade
- Rosewater, idyllic river town

Noted Cardinals

- Aria Equinox, hawkwoman warrior armed with heliocyte and lunacyte
- Delilah Crimson, fights with enchantment on her hair
- Earthen Valor, terra cotta soldier
- Fire Petal, Scaled Folk fireworks master
- Florentina DiMorne, wielder of the 88 Wonders Parasol
- Jae-Soon, the Silverjay, musician-adventurer
- Ludus Glaceon, ice-wielding gladiator
- Mephrodisia, Kin perfumer-alchemist
- Rubican, nine-foot ruby golem
- Sylvanus Woodspeaker, stag-Kin flora-shaper


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