Bolt Blitzmark

Bolt Blitzmark claims to be the fastest paragon in the 108, a claim disputed by the recent arrival of Gemma Fleetwind. He gains his power from a set of lightning-runes bonded to him, a gift from a Spiral Clan sorcerer who needed someone to cross the land in the nick of time. When Blitzmark overwhelmed a knave attempting to interfere with the message, the grateful sorcerer found a way to make the lightning-runes’ effects permanent. It didn’t take the young cheetah-Kin long to excel at the path of fearless heroism, and shortly thereafter his name appeared on the Tablets of Courage. He enjoys the glory and prestige that comes with being a Tiger General, but under his cheery bravado is the heart of someone who wants to make a difference.


The lightning-runes on his skin effectively make Bolt’s body part flesh and part thunderbolt. He can run incredibly fast, crossing the continent in a matter of minutes, though he has some issues with sharp turns. He usually needs to move in near-instantaneous straight-line “bursts.” The runes let him deliver thunderbolt-like punches and kicks, giving him hitting ability beyond what his speed and strength would imply.


Bolt is a young cheetah-Kin, lean and strong. Most of the time, his lightning-rune marks could pass for particularly complicated spot patterns on the backs of his hands and at his outer ankles. When he is using his powers, though, they crackle with electricity and leave lightning trails where he runs or throws a punch. He wears light runner’s clothing, and disdains armor. His star rests on his right shoulder, just at the end of his collarbone.


Tiger Generals (member)
Gemma Fleetwind (loose rival)
The Overkhan (enemy)
Spiral Clan (loose ally)

Bolt Blitzmark

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